Press Releases 1999

Mini PVP Perforated Plugs to aid in the treatment for Epiphora

FCI Ophthalmics announces it has added Ready-Set Mini PVP Perforated Plug to its line of lacrimal products. A perforation through the middle of the plug allows tear flow through the punctum. These plugs are highly polished and coated with polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) which keeps debris from collecting on their surface and the channel from clogging.

PVP Perforated Plugs are used for draining tears in the treatment of epiphora caused by punctal stenosis while the rest of the lacrimal duct is normal. The Mini PVP Perforated Plug serves a dual function: it offers partial occlusion when less than total occlusion is desired; or it keeps a blocked punctum open assuring tear flow through the canaliculus. They are supplied sterile, individually packaged and pre-loaded on a disposable plug inserter.

To receive more information on FCI's PVP Perforated Plugs and our complete line of lacrimal products, contact:

New Hydroxyapatite Titanium Peg and Sleeve System for Improved Ocular Motility

FCI Ophthalmics, Inc. announces the first hydroxyapatite coated Titanium Peg and Sleeve System for use with hydroxyapatite implants and artificial eyes. Titanium has been used for years in facial reconstructive surgery as well as dental implants, and is extremely well tolerated within human tissues. The new motility system involves a titanium sleeve coated with hydroxyapatite (HA) and thus when inserted in the HA sphere, provides complete material compatibility.

While ocular motility may appear satisfactory with the fixation of muscles on the implanted sphere, the drilling and setting of the motility peg greatly improves artificial eye movement, especially for the more subtle movements of the eye that are seen during conversation. The new titanium peg and HA coated sleeve system further enhances the procedure adding greater stability to the artificial eye and minimizing the loosening of the peg as a result of eye movements. Normally, orbital implants can be drilled during the sixth month post-operatively but it is best to assess the complete colonization of the sphere by means of MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) before proceeding.

The new FCI kit consists of the hydroxyapatite coated sleeve, a drill for drilling the HA sphere implant, a temporary flat head titanium peg, 4 permanent titanium pegs of various sizes and a screwdriver for screwing the sleeve into the HA implant.

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