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Eyelid Closure Products

FCI Ophthalmics is pleased to announce that it has been awarded exclusive USA distribution of the MedDev Eyelid Closure Products - weights designed for the gravity-assisted treatment of the functional deficits of lagophthalmos resulting from facial paralysis.

Eyelid implant weights are sold sterile and are available in the new ThinProfile™ Design, great for optimal lid cosmesis, and the popular Contour™ Design. The ThinProfile™ implant is an excellent choice, particularly for patients with thin eyelid skin. These eyelid implants are made from 99.99% pure gold and are available in sizes ranging from 0.6 grams to 1.6 grams (in 0.2-gram increments). Eyelid implant weights are also available in platinum and special sizes upon request.

Also available – Skin Tone External Eyelid Weights, a non-surgical alternative to eyelid weight implantation, provides an immediate beneficial blink mechanism for the patient with temporary or protracted facial paralysis. Tantalum Eyelid Weight Sizing Sets permit determination of the proper size eyelid implant or external weight.

FCI Ophthalmics salutes MedDev for setting the standard of excellence in design and unmatched quality in workmanship of its products and is happy to add these eyelid closure products to its wide range of Lacrimal and Orbital implants.

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