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FCI Ophthalmics — Punctal Plugs, Devices for Cataract Surgery, and More

FCI Ophthalmics is a world leader in the development of punctal plugs for dry eye therapy, devices for cataract surgery, and a wide range of other ophthalmic surgical devices. FCI develops their products in close collaboration with leading ophthalmic surgeons.

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Home Page — Leader in Ophthalmic Surgical Devices

FCI Ophthalmics develops a wide range of state-of-the-art ophthalmic surgical devices for use in cataract surgery, retinal disease treatments, and more.

Products — Dye Eye Products, Iris Retractors, and Other Ophthalmic Surgical Devices

Among other ophthalmic surgical devices, FCI specializes in punctal plugs, dry eye products, iris retractors and other devices for cataract surgery. FCI also provides lacrimal stents and tubes for lacrimal duct obstruction procedures.

About FCI — Technological Innovation and Exceptional Service

Our state-of-the-art ophthalmic surgical devices are FDA approved for use in cataract surgery and a wide range of other procedures. With continuous research and groundbreaking innovations and the use of the most advanced materials, FCI helps physicians provide patients with the most advanced treatments and techniques.

News / Downloads — The Latest Information From FCI Ophthalmics

FCI Ophthalmics products are developed through the most thorough and consistent research and development. At FCI Ophthalmics, it is our goal to help our customers obtain an in-depth understanding of our products — and how to use them.

Dry Eye Products — Collagen and Other Types of Punctal Plugs for Punctal Occlusion

FCI Ophthalmics provides physicians with temporary collagen punctal plugs, absorbable long-term punctal plugs, punctal gauges and dilators, and a full range of other products and surgical devices for the treatment of dry eye.

Lacrimal Stents and Tubes and Other Lacrimal Duct Surgery Devices

FCI Ophthalmics is a world leader in the development of lacrimal stents and tubes, self-retaining stents, and a wide range of other lacrimal duct surgery instrumentation. FCI provides physicians with highly effective ophthalmic surgical devices to treat nasolacrimal duct obstruction and other eye ailments.

Bioceramic orbital Implants and Related Ophthalmic Surgical Devices

Bioceramic orbital implants, silicone eye spheres, and other ophthalmic surgical devices from FCI Ophthalmics are developed through extensive research. FCI's orbital implants and related products allow physicians to perform safe and effective enucleation or evisceration procedures.

Lid Repair Products — Devices for Lagophthalmos Treatment and More

Lid repair products from FCI Ophthalmics help physicians effectively treat lagophthalmos, frontalis suspension, and other eyelid difficulties. FCI is a leader in the development of ophthalmic surgical devices and other eye care products.

Devices for Cataract Surgery — Iris Hooks, Capsular Tension Rings, and More

FCI Ophthalmics offers a complete line of state-of-the-art devices for cataract surgery. Providing a full range of products, from iris hooks to capsular tension rings — and much more — FCI is a leader in the industry.

Ophthalmic Surgical Devices for Retinal Detachment Surgery and Other Procedures

FCI Ophthalmics offers disposable vitrectomy lenses, sclera buckling components for retinal detachment surgery, and a full range of other ophthalmic surgical devices for use in retina disease treatment, cataract surgery, and other procedures.

Disclaimer / Privacy Policy — FCI Ophthalmics

FCI Ophthalmics is a leader in the development of the most advanced ophthalmic surgical devices for the use in cataract surgery and other treatments.

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